In 1982 Malcolm had an idea to speed up the process of removing and attaching tops to containers. This happened while removing the cap from a toothpaste tube; it was late at night and the cap went round and round, taking ages to come off. It showed that we spend days or weeks of our lives opening containers. He then set about patenting his first invention. It was designed to make it easier for the public, particularly the elderly and disabled, to open bottles. The invention was rejected by all the major manufacturers, thus proving that it came before its time. After 11 years he let the patent lapse. Since then, bottle tops generally function in a remarkably similar manner. Many of them are now designed to remove in one hand movement, just like his "Ticklock."

In the subsequent years he has obtained numerous patents, and could prepare one for you. Existing patents include:

- toastabags
- Rotaire Dryline
- Renov-8

- GB2155985 Bayonet fastening
- GB2280895 Closure devices with compressible core seal
- GB2295167 Toilet seat lifting device
- GB2349010 Variable capo tasto
- GB2407467 Container for heating food in radiant heat device
- US7001628 Food container
- GB2366305 Earthen sound absorbing decorative external wall

EIGHT current patent applications in various stages of the process. Numerous Trade Marks obtained.

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Rotaire Dryline


Patents prepared by 1% Studio.
Toastabag, Rotaire Dryline and Renov-8